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Back in full swing!

I got back home and got my connection back up to scratch, You've never seen so many update requests for software in your life! But things are all back as they should be.

So where are your updates?!
Good question, Bad answer: On hold.

Unfortunately I became unemployed a few weeks ago and so a lot of my take is taken up trawling around town throwing CVs through peoples doors.
I'm still spending evenings with my music so hopefully (Inspiration permitting) I should have something shiney and new in a week or so.

As always, feel free to comment with requests/questions/witty banter or all of the aformentioned.

Thanks for the support guys!
- D

Internet.. Sweet Internet..

2009-04-28 23:19:16 by Darknez101

Dear god I hate not having internet.

Hey everyone,

Sorry about my recent absence (Or.. not so recent..)
I've recently moved house and internet is hard to come by on the pennies I make..

But luckily I should have it at the end of the month, I have a few musical peices I'm working on, Mostly befitting my usual mood: Nostalgia (Has to be my favorite word by now, surely..)

I'm hoping to do a few slower, darker peices which will stir up the imagination, or at least, some interest..

I'm sorry I've not replied to a lot of your PMs and comments, believe me, whenever I get a spare moment, I read them all and their all very much appreciated!
Thankyou to all those ecouraging me to do more, as most who know me know, motivation isnt my forte..

The minute I get my own internet back as it should be (Im leeching off freinds at the moment) I'll upload what I have for you guys.

Once again, thanks a lot you guys!

- D